I thought I would share this video today, it’s a trailer to a documentary film about our crazy music industry and what has happened, and what is happening…

This is why I struggle everyday trying to figure out how I can make a living with my music. I have all these songs, I even have some recording equipment, but in order for me to step to that next level and record an album. I need a music producer! Some would disagree, but for me I know what I want my finished songs to sound like. There are layers in my head, and I do not have the technical skills or the equipment to make these come to life without some help. Unfortunately here’s reality…It costs about $1500 to record one song in the studio, and with the music industry allowing people to download that song for free or for a donation, how does that pay for the cost of an album?…

It is not easy being a musician, having a passion and wanting to share it!

This doesn’t stop me from writing music or playing the piano, actually I can’t stop, it is the only time when I feel completely free of everything in this stressful life! I have to play it is my sanity and my sanctuary!!

  1. pianolearner says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. A really interesting documentary. I wrote a post recently about the expectation that music/books/films should be downloaded for free. I don’t know how we change people’s minds. hopefully this documentary will help, but I’m a bit pessimistic on it. Hopefully it will become socially unacceptable, like drink-driving became years ago. Good luck with your music, I really like your pieces.

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