Finally Inspired by my Essex Piano

Posted: February 17, 2014 in Music, Uncategorized
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What a long 5 months…
I was ready to give up and send the piano back to the store, but thanks to Bob Moffatt, a Master Piano Technician I am loving my new piano again!
It seems the Steinway Calgary store was in transition between dealers and I was kind of caught in between as well. What happened is the past, and I am so grateful to Steinway and Sons for sending me out Bob Moffatt, who spent two afternoons at my house fixing my piano.
I have been playing and even composing and reworking an old song! By the end of the week I will post a new recording. For now, I have posted a song I composed a year or so ago. A friend of mine, Ben McMullen recorded it and played some beautiful guitar riffs along with me.
I had forgotten about this song, it is hauntingly beautiful!
I hope you all enjoy…

  1. pianolearner says:

    I’m really glad you got it sorted and are happy with it now!

  2. pixzgirl says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. Agreed — hauntingly beautiful! Love it, and so happy you’re friends with your piano again! 🙂

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