“Emotional,  Haunting, Beautiful”, is how to describe my piano compositions.

I started classical training at the age of  5 and at age 12 after a horrible piano exam I was consumed with stage fright!  When I would try and perform my hands would shake uncontrollably and my mind would go blank and I would  be unable to even remember what key to start on.  I Quit…

But I never stopped playing and improvising on the piano.   When I was 25 and pregnant with my first child my Mom and Dad gave me the piano to have in the home for my son, and it wasn’t long and the presence of the piano started calling me.  I started playing and improvising once again!  I started private lessons at the University of Lethbridge and I completed my grade 8 Royal Conservatory and started working on my Grade 10 .  I soon realized I was filled with emotions and musical ideas and I started writing them all down  and eventually these turned into songs.

I then went on a search to find teachers and other musicians to study and train with.  On my journey I was able to find some  amazing musicians to work with.   Bente Hansen at the University of Lethbridge, who is a Pianist and Theory Professor, Elizabeth and Marcel Bergmann at Mount Royal University, who are Pianists, Performers and Marcel is a well known Classical Composer, Christiaan Ventor an amazing Film and Classical Composer, as well as Ben McMullen a talented Musician, Composer, and Music Producer.

Over the years I have worked at developing my unique style of  piano composition.  I am now playing at small venues  and I am currently working on writing and recording my first album.


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