“Love’s Turmoil” is my journey over the past couple of months…I’ve been feeling suffocated by life, by the stresses of being a mom, by the responsibilities of teaching 17 students, by not having enough time for me and for my music!  I cut myself off from everyone, I joined an amazing yoga studio and started soul searching…”What do I really want? When do I feel most balanced and happy?”

And of course the answer is the same as it’s always been, spending more time with my children and writing and performing my songs!  I thought by teaching more it would give me more money so as I could get to the studio and start recording an album and all it did was leave me with no time to accomplish what I truly wanted.  It took awhile, but I finally made a decision to cut out over half of my students, and wow, did I feel free again!  I was able to finish my song and record it and start relaxing and just enjoying life again!


“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”-K.T.Jong





I have been so inspired this week with my piano!
This song is an old one that I’ve been wanting to rework a few sections…
and this week it happened! I liked it before but I always felt it was too bare and missing something, well not now!

This song is just me pouring out my emotions through my piano…

I have to say Thank You to Steinway and Sons and Bob Moffatt again, because without them sending Bob to my house this song would have never happened!

My deepest Thank You!!!

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What a long 5 months…
I was ready to give up and send the piano back to the store, but thanks to Bob Moffatt, a Master Piano Technician I am loving my new piano again!
It seems the Steinway Calgary store was in transition between dealers and I was kind of caught in between as well. What happened is the past, and I am so grateful to Steinway and Sons for sending me out Bob Moffatt, who spent two afternoons at my house fixing my piano.
I have been playing and even composing and reworking an old song! By the end of the week I will post a new recording. For now, I have posted a song I composed a year or so ago. A friend of mine, Ben McMullen recorded it and played some beautiful guitar riffs along with me.
I had forgotten about this song, it is hauntingly beautiful!
I hope you all enjoy…

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I thought I would share this video today, it’s a trailer to a documentary film about our crazy music industry and what has happened, and what is happening…

This is why I struggle everyday trying to figure out how I can make a living with my music. I have all these songs, I even have some recording equipment, but in order for me to step to that next level and record an album. I need a music producer! Some would disagree, but for me I know what I want my finished songs to sound like. There are layers in my head, and I do not have the technical skills or the equipment to make these come to life without some help. Unfortunately here’s reality…It costs about $1500 to record one song in the studio, and with the music industry allowing people to download that song for free or for a donation, how does that pay for the cost of an album?…

It is not easy being a musician, having a passion and wanting to share it!

This doesn’t stop me from writing music or playing the piano, actually I can’t stop, it is the only time when I feel completely free of everything in this stressful life! I have to play it is my sanity and my sanctuary!!

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Haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy trying out pianos and about a month ago I finally found one!!
And I am in love with it!!!
The sound, the sustain, the bass…I can’t describe it. I started writing a new song, it’s not done yet but I wanted to share it!
Hopefully I will finish it soon.
Oh and I must say my iphone does not do this piano justice, if anyone knows how to record with mics and then put the sound in the video I would love to learn how…

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This is a very emotional piece for me…

I started this back in November, you may remember it as I started a video log for it. Every time I went to the piano to work on this piece I was in a very emotional state, over my music and my life as a mom… I so badly want more time for music but my schedule of being a mom doesn’t always allow it.
I just start playing around and developing a new idea and then off we have to go on these big road trips to the US for my boys motocross racing, and if we’re not racing we’re helping them train or practice.  It’s a crazy life!!  I do  love it and I am so happy they are so very passionate and talented at something at such a young age, but it is definitely hard to balance, it’s like I have two lives!
This is what this song is about, my struggles emotionally with trying to balance my life.

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Ok, here it is, something simple that I’ve been scared to post…
This is a piece that I wrote a few weeks ago, I wrote it in 20 minutes. I love it! But of course the same reasons I struggle with when I play on stage started creeping in…

“Is this good enough?…” “Is this too simple?…” “Well anybody like it?…”

Guess what? Today I decided I didn’t care!!!
I love it!! And I’m going to post it and I hope it reaches others who love it as well!

I’m making a change to my blog as well, I’m going to get more honest with my entries in hopes that it helps me overcome more of my fears and maybe it well help someone else who struggles with Stage Fright…

Until my next post…

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