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This is something I have never shared on this blog…not sure why cause it’s one of my favorite songs!

I turned on my keyboard found this beautiful, echoey sound and wrote this in about 2 hours! Hope you all love it as much as I do…

Snapshot 1 of piano video


This is a very emotional piece for me…

I started this back in November, you may remember it as I started a video log for it. Every time I went to the piano to work on this piece I was in a very emotional state, over my music and my life as a mom… I so badly want more time for music but my schedule of being a mom doesn’t always allow it.
I just start playing around and developing a new idea and then off we have to go on these big road trips to the US for my boys motocross racing, and if we’re not racing we’re helping them train or practice.  It’s a crazy life!!  I do  love it and I am so happy they are so very passionate and talented at something at such a young age, but it is definitely hard to balance, it’s like I have two lives!
This is what this song is about, my struggles emotionally with trying to balance my life.