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This is something I have never shared on this blog…not sure why cause it’s one of my favorite songs!

I turned on my keyboard found this beautiful, echoey sound and wrote this in about 2 hours! Hope you all love it as much as I do…

Snapshot 1 of piano video


Just got back from California, oh what a little sunshine can do!!

It’s 3 different ideas that will hopefully become a song.

Haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been busy trying out pianos and about a month ago I finally found one!!
And I am in love with it!!!
The sound, the sustain, the bass…I can’t describe it. I started writing a new song, it’s not done yet but I wanted to share it!
Hopefully I will finish it soon.
Oh and I must say my iphone does not do this piano justice, if anyone knows how to record with mics and then put the sound in the video I would love to learn how…