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bearmouse-small-crop-0.01-0.07-0.99-0.94Children will join Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear on a magical musical adventure.

         They will learn  how to play piano through a serious of weekly lessons. These lessons will use singing,

coloring, and movement as well as one on one instruction to teach the musical ideas for that week.

  • What  you can expect from lessons?  You and your child will have a basic understanding of music.  This understanding will include reading music, counting musical beats, playing music with expression, and how to practice at home.
  • These lessons are fun!  Making music is not supposed to be stressful.  Music for Little Mozarts works with children’s imagination and allows them to express themselves.


Course Curriculum

This course consists of 4 levels including a Lesson Book, a Workbook, Flashcards, and Solo and Pop Pieces!

This takes about 2 years to complete.

Level 1

mlm level 1

Lesson Book 1 is pre-reading. Concepts taught are: How to sit at the piano; Correct hand position; High and low; Loud and soft (forte and piano); Keyboard topography; Bar line and measure, Quarter, half, whole notes and rests; and Repeat signs. The first pieces in the book are played on the black keys. Later in the book, C D E for the RH and C B A for the LH (Middle C position) are taught with letter notes (the name of the note is written inside the note head).

Level 2

mlm level2

Lesson Book 2 starts as pre-reading, then moves to reading on the staff. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Dotted quarter note and 4/4 time, 4/4 time, Mezzo-forte, Staff and note reading, Steps and skips, Grand staff. New notes taught are F and G in the LH and RH, completing the Middle C position.

Level 3

mlm level3

The music in Lesson Book 3 is completely written on the staff. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Staccato, legato, slurs; Melodic and harmonic 2nds and 3rds; Melodic and harmonic 4ths and 5ths; f-p.; Bass clef C D E are taught for the LH. Students then know all notes necessary to play in the C position. Playing both hands together is taught near the end of the book.

Level 4

mlm level 4

Lesson Book 4 is the last in the Music for Little Mozarts series. After a review, the new concepts taught are: Flat and sharp sign; Tie; Crescendo and diminuendo. After reviewing C position and Middle C position, G position is taught. All three positions are used alternately throughout the rest of the book, with flat and sharp notes incorporated.

Examples of Solo Pieces they will be able to play…

mlm nutcracker

Designed for students in Levels 3 and 4, this delightful book includes eight arrangements of pieces from Tchaikovsky’s celebrated Nutcracker Suite. An engaging storyline, full illustrations, and all the favorite characters from Music for Little Mozarts serve to bring the Nutcracker to life! Titles: Miniature Overture * March * Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy * Russian Dance * Arabian Dance * Chinese Dance * Dance of the Reed Flutes * Waltz of the Flowers


Character Solo Series


Each sheet solo features well-known themes from each corresponding composer and includes interesting facts about their life, in addition to providing rhythm exercises and fun pictures to interest and motivate students.

  • Beethoven Bear (Level 2)
  • Elgar E. Elephant (Level 2)
  • Mozart Mouse™ (Level 2)
  • Pachelbel Penguin (Level 2)
  • Clara Schumann Cat (Level 3)
  • J.S. Bunny (Level 3)
  • Nannerl Mouse (Level 3)
  • Nina Ballerina (Level 3)
  • Professor Haydn Hippo (Level 4)

Music for Little Mozarts for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android Devices!
Now your preschoolers can learn about music on the go!

The Music for Little Mozarts Piano App was specifically developed for the preschool age group (four-, five-, and six-year-olds). The games provide a balance between learning key aspects of the piano and the pure enjoyment of making music. Come on an adventure with Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse™ as they learn about music!



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